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SPTM R&D Australia

A research base in Australia to assess the efficacy of natural products and conduct collaborative research with Australia’s public research institutes

In February 2011, SPTM R&D Australia was established within the Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery (GRIDD) at Griffith University located in the State of Queensland.

GRIDD Nature Bank Ecollects more than 45,000 biota (plants and marine animals) sourced from the abundant habitats of Australia, Papua New Guinea, and China. SPTM R&D Australia has full access to these natural products and will screen them with the aim of discovering new active natural ingredients for the new products.

Australia experiences severe ultraviolet radiation and provides a perfect environment for UV protection studies. SPTM R&D Australia will also devote its research on UV protection and related studies to provide the most advanced findings to Septem Soken for future product developments.

Brisbane Innovation Park, Don Young
Road, Nathan QLD 4111, Australia
Areas of Research
Evaluate the efficacy of Australian
natural products

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