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Headquarters/Production & Development

A production and planing base to access planing , manufacturing , evolving of the products
for "customer ' voice-request and opnion" who use every day. 


Septem Soken's headquaters along with Septem Products' Osaka branch office are housed in the same bldg. where are the Production Division and New Business Development Division also conduct their production and development works. The Production Division conduct quality checks at various atages of the production to ensure product quality as a motto "The production of products with the optimal quality in the required quantity when needed."

In addition to checking raw materials and packaging materials,technicians also collect and archive a wide range production data in an effot to improve quality control engineering. The New Business Development Division collects and analizes for "customer ' voice - request and opinion" also collaborates with universities and other institutions in exploring,planing of new goods as researches and promotes for a new business.

13F Shin-fujita Bldg.
2-4-27 Dojima, Kita-ku, Osaka, Osaka 530-0003
Areas of Research
Raw materials and products quality control and quality assurance
Packaging materials and products purchasing; delivery date and inventory controls

Quality-related control and guidance of affiliated plants
Planning and proposing new products and goods in based information and evidense.
Researching and propoting for a new business collaborated with universities and medical practitioners.

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