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Company Philosophy

Our goal is to provide cosmetics made up of only ingredients
that are truly essential for the skin.

We humans are endowed with a homeostasis mechanism that returns a person’s health back to a normal healthy state after an injury or disease. The skin, likewise, has the ability to maintain a healthy and beautiful look. That ability may be disrupted by UV light, dehydration, aging, and other negative factors.

Septem Soken’s development efforts are aimed at rejuvenating the skin to a youthful and healthy look by focusing on and taking advantage of the skin’s innate ability for homeostasis.

Our products are continuing to evolve
in order to meet the changing needs of customers.

 Septem Soken’s products not only contain carefully selected ingredients, but also reflect the voices and inputs from our customers. We are set up to implement changes to our products that have been suggested by every-day users.

The developer alone can never complete the development of a skin care product. Septem Soken values dialogues among users, researchers, and the sales staff because such communication helps it to come up with optimum products that satisfy the needs of users and respond to the problems plaguing them.

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