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Fujio Morikawa(1929-2017)

Fujioh Morikawa, M.D.PhD (Specialty: Dermatology, Pharmacology)
Lifetime member, American Academy of Dermatology
Member, Harvard Medical Alumni of Japan

After completing his studies at the Graduate School of Medical Science of the Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, served as an assistant at this same school and as a visiting lecturer at the Kurume University School of Medicine. Also served simultaneously as Director of the Dermatology Research Lab and Manager of the Science Department at a cosmetics company, and as Director of the Sogo Biyo Ikagaku Kenkyujyo, Academic Advisor of the Research Institute for Production Development, Chairman of the Japanese Society for Cutaneous Health, Chairman and President of the Japanese Cosmetic Science Society, Chairman of the 9th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Cosmetic Science Society, Chairman of the Safety Committee of the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association, committee member of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, etc.


Researched environmental medicine, cosmetic safety and rashes at the Center for Environmental Medicine of the University of Oregon. At the Harvard Medical School Dermatology Department, did research into sunburn, skin spots and photosensitivity. In 1972, announced the concept of SPF and introduced it to Japan. Also, researched the international standard patch test for skin allergies at the Department of Dermatology of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.


Received the Director-General’s Award for his research into “photosensitivity” from the Science and Technology Agency, and commendations from Harvard University for his research into “light and skin”. Has also received awards and citations from the International Society of Dermatology, the Japanese Dermatological Association, the Japanese Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the Japanese Cosmetic Science Society.

Authored Works

Numerous books and essays (titles omitted) on dermatology, safety of cosmetics and cosmetic medicine
Documentaries “The Skin” and “Skin Colour”
Holds patents and utility designs for the “Delmoray” a diagnostic device commonly used in dermatology, etc.

Masanori Okada

Served as the development laboratory director for skin care, makeup, fragrances, hair care and plant engineering at door-to-door cosmetics company. During this time, filed approximately 100 patent applications, presented research findings on numerous occasions at the IFSCC, ASCS, SCCJ, TEAC, JCSS and elsewhere, and was a recipient of the Gold Poster Award from the Material Technology of Japan Research Institute. Served as Chairman of the Paper Screening Committee and Chairman of the Education & Research Committee for SCCJ, member of the Information Committee of the Japan Hair Color Industry Association, and Chief Judge of the World Fragrance Competition. Concurrently serves as a part-time university lecturer.

Fields of specialty

Formula development, skin evaluation research, makeup research, hair evaluation research, research into the usability of fragrances.

Shigeyuki Ogawa

Worked for 20-plus years at beauty salon products manufacturer where engaged in synthesis of surfactants and researching, developing and producing hair care, scalp care, permanent wave, hair colouring and fragrance products. Served as Director of Research and Director of Production. During this time, served as Chairman of the Shiga Cosmetic Industry Association, and as a Director of the West Japan Cosmetic Industry Association, the Permanent Waving Lotion Industry Association, as well as the Kyoto Cosmetic Industry Association.
As research results, marketed revolutionary products (alkylsulfate of 99.6% plus purity, scalp treatment cream, hair-wax, etc.). Has presented research findings at the Chemical Society of Japan, the Japanese Society for Photomedicine and Photobiology, etc. Has contributed numerous essays to the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS), bulletins, dermatological societies’ publications, etc. Concurrently serves as a part-time lecturer at kyoto university & nara women's university.

Fields of specialty

Formula development for hair care products, organic chemical reactions, organometallic chemistry, stereochemistry.

Masamichi Ishigami

Engaged in research and development of plant-based cosmetic materials at the Plant Bioscience Lab for door-to-door cosmetics company for about 10 years. Currently, evaluating the usability of cosmetics on skin and the usability of materials at Septem Soken. During this time, filed 40 patent applications and presented research findings at the IFSCC, ASCS, JCSS, JSBBA, PSJ and elsewhere. Has contributed essays to Fragrance Journal, etc.

Fields of specialty

Analytical chemistry, usability evaluations of cosmetics on skin, active oxygen analysis.

Akihiro Aioi

Researched dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, anti-inflammatory agents and active ingredients of cosmetics at a cosmetics company. During this time, served as a researcher for the Department of Dermatology at the University of California, San Francisco. Has presented research findings at meetings of international societies for allergies and clinical immunology, cosmetic science societies (symposiums), dermatological societies, dermatological research societies, NC/Nga Mice Research Society (Chairman), etc. Has contributed essays and other writings to Br. J. Dermatol, J. Dermatol. Sci., Exp. Hematol.,Fragrance Journal, Skin Evaluation Manual (Chapter 15 as a co-author), etc.

Fields of specialty

Dermatology, biochemistry, immunology, pharmacology

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