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Conference Presentations

Conference Presentations

The January number of the “FRAGRANCE JOURNAL”

Effect of OPH (oxidized protein hydrolase) activity on glycation stress in skin.

Masamichi Ishigami
Development Laboratory, SEPTEM-SOKEN Co., Ltd.,
Ryota Mori
Development Laboratory, SEPTEM-SOKEN Co., Ltd.,
Masayuki Yagi

< Abstract >

It is known that the accumulation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) by glycation stress increase with advancing age. On the other hand, oxidized protein hydrolase (OPH) which is presented to widely in the living body, has been reported to contribute decomposition of AGEs and oxidized protein. Thus, OPH has the potential to slow the aging process. In this study, we investigated relationship between glycation stress levels and OPH activity in corneocytes of human skin. These results showed that OPH activity correlated with glycation stress levels and age. Therefore, these results suggested that the accumulation of AGEs in skin is caused by age-related decrease in OPH activity.


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