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Conference Presentations

Conference Presentations

The 12th Asian Society of Cosmetic Scientist

New approach against photoaging
~Development of composite powders capable of focus attention on near-infrared ray and its application in cosmetic~

Hiroomi Okada(Author)
Development Laboratory,SEPTEM-SOKEN Ltd.
Masamichi Ishigami
Development Laboratory,SEPTEM-SOKEN Ltd.
Tadamitsu Uramoto
Development Laboratory,SEPTEM-SOKEN Ltd.
Masanori Okada
Development Laboratory,SEPTEM-SOKEN Ltd.
Hitoshi Masaki

< Abstract >

The dream of maintaining beautiful, healthy looking skin is a dream shared by everybody. However, it has recently been reported in academic circles etc. That blocking out ultraviolet rays is insufficient in the prevention of photoaging. In this study, we focused on near infrared ray that makes up approximately half of the light energy beating down on the earth’s surface. The results of research into their effect on the skin have revealed that near infrared ray also accelerates oxidation and glycation of the stratum corneum. It is documented that titanium oxide particles with a diameter of 1μm are effective in blocking out near infrared rays. However, formulations containing the appropriate amount of titanium oxide tend to become heavy and difficult to apply and have an unnatural white appearance that is different to unadorned skin. In order to resolve this problem, we embedded the different size titanium oxide particles in constant ratio on a plate of cellulose and following investigation of the composite material (NIR-PCP:NIR protecting composite powder), succeeded in developing a composite powder that, with only small amounts, was light and easy to apply, had a natural makeup effect and was effective in blocking out a broad range of light spectrums, from ultraviolet to near infrared ray. We have confirmed the effect of NIR-PCP as the carbonylation of corneocytes, which is one of the index of skin aging was restrained after the application of NIR-PCP on the surface of human skin.


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