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Conference Presentations

Conference Presentations

The 15th Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine

Search of an activation ingredient of OPH in horny layer.

Masamichi Ishigami
Septem-Soken co.
Masayuki Yagi
A-kit co., Doshisha Univ.
Riko Mitsuhashi, Yoshikazu Yonei
Doshisha Univ.

< Abstract >

AGEs (advanced glycation end products) which is generated and accumulated by glycation stress acceleration of a living body has an influence on aging and a disease. The OPH (oxidized protein hydrolase) has decomposition of an oxidized protein and AGEs, therefore a possibility which operates on restraint of diabetes and aging is suggested. In this research, we purified a constituent of the OPH like activity in horny layer. And also, the OPH activated reinforcement ingredient was searched about the plant extract used as a cosmetics raw material, and applicability to the cosmetics was considered.
Purification of the OPH like activated constituent in horny layer, a skin horny layer of a healthy 20 year old generation lady was stripped by cellophane tape and extracted protein, was fractionated by a gel filtration chromatography. OPH activity was measured using AAPA (acetyl-L-alanine –p-nitroanillide). Next we examined whether AGEs resolution activity to OPH was reinforced about 120 kinds of plant extract used as a cosmetics raw material.
The OPH like activated constituent in horny layer protein fraction by a gel filtration chromatography and the elution fraction part of the OPH (on the market) were identical. The estimated molecular weight was 218-288kDa. The plant extracts with which AGEs resolution activity to OPH was reinforced more than 30 % again were ONONIS SPINOSA ROOT EXTACT, ISODONIS JAPONICUS LEAF/STALK EXTRACT, ORIZA SATIVA BRAIN EXTRACT. These plant extracts reinforced OPH enzyme activities extracted from a man skin horny layer.


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