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Conference Presentations

"COSMETIC STAGE" Contribution

Troubleshootings about in-vivo Evaluation of Skin Care Cosmetics.

Masamichi Ishigami(Author)
R&D Laboratory, Septem Soken Co., Ltd, Japan

< Abstract >

That cosmetics increase the various functions to skin became clear, with progress of formulation technology and its efiicacy evaluation method of skincare comnetics, recently. Therefore, a wide range of functional cosmetics are developed and must be able to evaluate skin as one of the evaluations of function polyhedral-ly and moreover being objective. Each of companys still put into effect by a personal way, about in-vivo evaluation of skin care cosmetics, as there were no authorized ways. This article is described about the introduction of the general skin measurement method to evaluate usability by the skin care cosmetics and the importance of the examination enforcement plan document and so on.


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