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Conference Presentations

Conference Presentations

The 35th Annual Meeting of Japanese Cosmetic Science Society

Poria Sclerotium Stimulatory Effect of Ceramide Synthesis

Shota Hachinohe(Presenter),Saori Narikiyo,Megumi Nishikawa,Akihiro Aioi
Laboratories for Bioscience, Septem Soken Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan

< Abstract >

The ceramide is a major component of the intercellular lipid in stratum corneum epidermidis. It is synthesized by the epidermal keratinocyte and released along with the differentiation of a cell. The role of the ceramide in the skin is moisture retention and the barrier function from external stimuli such as dust and bacteria.
Poria Sclerotium is a fungi of Polyporaceae that grows in the dying pine. There are various effects of the anti-inflammation effect, the immunostimulatory effect, and the kidney function improvement effect, and others. Therefore, Poria Sclerotium is used for a long time as a Chinese medicine. We focus attention on this wide pharmacologic effect, and studied a physiological effect in the cultured epidermal keratinocyte.
In the cell that added the Poria Sclerotium extracted material, the C-24 ceramide synthesis amount has increased. Similarly, the mRNA expression of LASS3 and LASS4 was enhanced. It’s controled the synthesis of the middle-chain ceramide and the long-chain ceramide. Moreover, Poria Sclerotium enhanced the mRNA expression of SMPD1. That is a re-synthetic route. On the other hand, the mRNA expression of catabolic enzyme ACER1 and ACER2 was suppressed. The Poria Sclerotium extracted material is multilaterally acts on a de-novo, re-synthesis, and the catabolic suppressed effect of the ceramide in the cultured epidermal keratinocyte. Therefore, Poria Sclerotium increases the C-24 ceramide in the skin. And, It can expect the ameliorating effect of the moisture retention and the barrier function.


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