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Conference Presentations

Conference Presentations

The 34th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Investigative Dermatology

Correlation between measure of pigmentation and water content in epidermis

Saori Narikiyo, Akihiro Aioi
Laboratories for Bioscience, Septem Soken Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan
Yoko Kawanishi, Keiji Takano
DRC CO., LTD., Osaka, Japan
Kanoko Honma
R&D Laboratory, Septem Soken Co., Ltd., Kanagawa, Japan
Howard Maibach
Department of Dermatology, UCSF, San Francisco, USA

< Abstract >

Brightening or whitening is the most required effect of skin care products, because freckle ranks among the common problems for women. However, we had a basic question why freckle remains for years without changing shape. To explore this, we measured bio-parameters and examine the skin characteristic of freckle.
Bio-parameters were measured in 26 healthy female volunteers (32-47 years old, mean age 39.5 years). Bio-parameters were measured seasonally from July 2008 to April 2009. ⊿Value was calculated by the following formula.

⊿value = value (freckle) - value (adjacent skin)
There were significant differences in L* value (L*) and melanin index (M), but not in capacitance (W) between freckle and adjacent skin.
⊿L* in summer was significantly smaller than other seasons, and showed a significant correlation with ⊿W. On the other hand, ⊿M was unaffected by seasons, correlating inversely with ⊿W through the experimental period.
Freckle is characterized by impaired water holding property compared to the adjacent skin.

This effect is not clear why freckle remains for years without changing shape. Nevertheless moisturizing reagents can be useful for anti-freckle skin care as well as whitening reagents.


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