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Conference Presentations

"SKIN RESEARCH" Thesis Submission

Assessment of the Therapeutic Effect of Hydroquinone Stabilized in Cream

Megumi Nishikawa,Shota Hachinohe,Akihiro Aioi,Shigeyuki Ogawa,Ken-ichi Sakon
Laboratories for life science,Septem Soken Co., Ltd.
Makoto Fujii,Shun-ichiro Fujii
Fujii Clinic
Masamitsu Hamaguchi
Hamaguchi Clinic
Tadashi Tezuka
Nakatsu Skin Clinic

< Abstract >

We evaluated the effect, safety and texture of stabilized-hydroquinone preparation in this study. Macroscopic evaluation by volunteers and dermatologists showed bioengineering attenuation of pigmentation concomitant with improvement of value L* and color at pigmented sites. On the other hand, the preparation evoked slight or moderate, not persistent, irritation such as erythema and discomfort in some cases at the beginning of the examination. The volunteers were satisfied with the texture of the preparation as a cosmetic product. Taken together, these results indicated that the preparation has efficacy, relative safety and good texture.

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