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Conference Presentations

Conference Presentations

The Society of Cosmetic Chemists of Japan
62nd SCCJ Symposium

Preparation of lamella liquid-crystal with polyglycerol fatty acid esters,
and its applications for skincare

Hiroomi Okada(Presenter), Masamichi Ishigami, Masanori Okada [Oral Presentation]
R&D Laboratory, Septem Soken Co., Ltd.
Tetsuro Iwanaga
R&D Group, Interphase Solution Division, Taiyo Kagaku Co., Ltd.

< Abstract >

Polyglycerol fatty acid esters (PGFEs) are widely used in food. Owing to their excellent safety, PGFEs, in recent years, have also been used in cosmetics. Nevertheless, their compositions and structures are difficult to ascertain, which makes PGFEs somewhat more difficult to handle compared with the generally used polyoxyethylene (POE) surfactants. We, therefore, set out to develop a stable liquid crystal lamellar preparation with high water content using PGFE. This liquid crystal lamellar preparation, exhibits a barrier function similar to that performed by the skin’s intercellular lipids. However, some problems with respect to stability at high temperatures and usability adjustment were present. By effectively incorporating quince seed extract into the formulation for lamellar liquid crystal, we successfully prepared a stable lamellar liquid crystal preparation with high water content. This preparation showed a sustained liquid crystal structure over a long period of time when applied on skin and did not present usability problems such as stickiness. In addition, a study using model skins indicated this preparation exhibits an excellent barrier function.

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