Conference Presentations

25th IFSCC Barcelona

A new approach to highly-functional skin care preparations

Hiroomi Okada(Presenter), Masamichi Ishigami, Masanori Okada[Poster Presentation]
R&D Laboratory, Septem Soken Co., Ltd.

< Abstract >

To keep one’s skin looking beautiful and healthy perpetually is a common desire shared by all of us. Skin care that protects the skin and keeps it hydrated is essential to achieving this desired goal. However, the environment we live in contains countless number of chemical substances that may be damaging to the skin in some cases. Using the lamellar structure of intercorneocyte lipid as a model, we prepared an artificial stratum corneum intercellular lipid preparation called SCILG that is sustained on skin over a long period of time by the preparation alone and protects the skin from chemical substances (irritants) and dryness. In an effectiveness test using human skin, this preparation kept moisture level steady over a long period of time while also improving the surface morphology of the skin at the same time. A study using a skin model compared SCILG and an O/W emulsion preparation on their effectiveness in protecting against external stimulants. The results showed that SCILG has a barrier function to keep out both high-polar and low-polar substances, indicating SCILG has a potential usefulness for skin care.

Furthermore, in atopic dermatitis patients who showed a decreased barrier function and a deteriorated skin condition, the use of this preparation under a physician’s supervision produced signs of improvement in some patients based on a multifaceted evaluation. This result indicates that SCILG, which exhibits an excellent barrier function, has the potential for improving symptoms of atopic dermatitis as well .

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